Was On The Air more than 91926 hours ago  
Frequency: 1.813.500MHz      Mode: CW     Radio: ICOM IC-7800    
World Hottest City: Kuwait Internationalairport, Kuwait +49 Celsius 35 minutes ago. Number of datapoints: 4339
World Coldest City: Vostok, Antarctica -65 Celsius 35 minutes ago.

Op: Sylvain Faust.  Processing all QSO with eQSL, ARRL LoTW.  QSL cards also available to all received QSL cards

Last 12 contacts made by VE2FET (As of: Monday, Jul 22 2024 17:47:16 UTC)                        Total QSO/Contacts: 7092
BandCallSignCountryDistance (km)ModeNameDate/Time(UTC)
40mEA8/UA5CCanary Is.5355CWAlexandr N. GimanovJul/09/2018 21:24:28
80mVE2DTVCanada93LSBLionel Jun/12/2016 23:55:23
80mVE2TFLCanada187LSBClaude DupuisJun/12/2016 23:47:28
40mPY1ZVBrazil8218CWFabio HoelzJun/12/2016 01:43:17
40mTA3DTurkey7766CWYasar GOCETJun/12/2016 01:27:13
40mPY4HOBrazil8032CWFabio Dias dos SantosJun/12/2016 01:19:15
80mHC2AO/8Ecuador5273CWAlexey OgorodovDec/04/2014 02:56:22
80mEW8DJBelarus6872CWAlex VasileuskiDec/04/2014 02:47:53
10mHP2KPanama4118USBOct/25/2014 18:36:16
10mHP2KPanama4118USB Oct/25/2014 18:30:44
15mLZ9WBulgaria7332USBLZ9W CONTEST TEAMOct/25/2014 18:26:18

 DXCC/ Distinct Countries Total: 241               DXCC...

Band: 160M 80M 60M 40M 30M 20M 17M 15M 12M 10M
DXCC: 40 110 1 103 69 153 74 120 102 167

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FIELD DAY 2010.  Again... like in 2009
VE2FET is FIRST in Canada in 1A Category and also FIRST in Quebec "all categories".  VE2FET is 19th global 1A Field Day 2010 and was 18th global in 2009 A1 category. 
ARRL Field Day 2010 Results   ARRL Field Day 2009 Results

VIDEO: Fresh from the Archive VE2FET at Radio-Canada/CBC in 1978!
Back in 1978, VE2FET is invited at a TV show to demonstrate and talk about Amateur-Radio.  See VE2FET at Radio-Canada/CBC at the age of 13.

VIDEO: December 11, 2009 Radio-Canada TV Telejournal News on Radio-Amateur.  Here for the Video!


  • (In French) Voici un document en français avec les instructions comment configurer votre UI-View32 en mode Digipeater WIDEn-n, QCn-n (au Québec) ou en mode "Fill-In" WIDE1-1 ainsi que I-Gate.  Cliquer ici.

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About Sylvain Faust VE2FET
First licensed as a Canadian Amateur Radio Operator on July 13, 1977, at the age of 12, the youngest in Canada to successfully pass the complete exams including morse code at 10 words per minute, drawing schematics of a radio transmitter, receiver, etc, laws regarding international radio communications and electronics basics, Sylvain has been operating under the same 'callsign' ever since.  It was Lionel VE2DTV, friend of the family, who introduced Sylvain to the Amateur Radio 7 months earlier.

VE2FET was living in Montreal at the time and quickly became a member of the local club VE2UMS.  Among his other interests, the one for computers emerged in 1979.  Under the early guidance of Pierre, VE2BSI (now VE2ICI), he developed a fascination for programming, by first toying with microprocessor machine code and soon enough, 6502 assembler using a KIM.

Within a few short years, Sylvain became a world-level specialist in transactional database design and the fine art of transaction performance tuning.  He's the creator of the product SQL-Programmer(r) (1992) among others and founder of Sylvain Faust Inc. (1988) at the age of 23 and a few days.  (SQL-Programmer(r), SQL-Optimizer, SQL-Sombrero are now owned by BMC Software since November 2000).

Sylvain was born in February 1965 in St-Hyacinthe, province of Quebec.  He later moved to Montreal at the age of 8.  He has been living in the Ottawa-Gatineau area (west of Montreal) and the Austin, Texas region between 1986 and 2007.

Among his current "Amateur Radio" equipment, his shelves support top of the line ICOM IC-7800, IC-7000, IC-PW1, IC-703+, TH-D7, TH-F6, IC-V8000, IC-02AT, MFJ-259B, MFJ-989D, MFJ-904H, KPC-3 Plus, etc...  No more Marconi 52 (52, first receiver for Sylvain where he praticed decoding CW few months before going for his license exam in 1977), 19 Mk III, Heathkit HW-16, Heathkit DX-60, Johnson Viking Mk1, or various Teletype (RTTY) Models, 19,28,33 and more...

Sylvain is also Certified and ARRL/LoTW Certified and uses incoming/outgoing Quebec QSL Bureau as well.  He replies Direct to all QSL received Direct.

Canadian Special Prefix info

Sylvain manages the configuration for the following digipeaters, VA2REH-3, VE2REG-3 and VE2REH-3.

Do not hesitate to send email if you have questions.

PS: To register to and the ARRL LoTW (Logbook Of The World).  Just more ways to obtain different awards in addition to real QSL cards.


73!  Sylvain VE2FET (

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VE2FET at IC-7800
IC-7800 Keyer and Key
VE2FET HF Mobile
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